The name of the organization is the Asian Academy of Prosthodontics(AAP).

The aim of Asian Academy of Prosthodontics is to promote the specialty of prosthodontics in Asia through international exchange.

The AAP shall consist of members in the Asian region.

This Academy shall consist of the following members

1. Active members
   Members shall be prosthodontists or dentists who support the aim of AAP.

2. Affiliate members
   Persons other than dentist who support the aim AAP.

3. Honorary members

4. Student members
   Members shall be graduate students or residents in prosthodontic program.

5. Corporate members
   Companies or organization which support AAP.

All members should be approved by the Council.

Operational expenses shall be defrayed by annual dues, contribution, and others.

Initiation fee for new members shall be US $ 50(fifty) and annual dues shall be US $30(thirty). It can be changed from time to time. The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December in each calender year.

Kim Award

The Kim Award is designed to promote AAP scientific activity and to celebrate organizing Asian Academy of Prosthodontics among Asian Countries.

Award will be conferred to the best speaker among AAP workshop speakers at biennial meeting to promote well prepared and successful workshop which covers common prosthodontic concern Asian region.


The award will receive a plaque of award and US $500 extraprize.

Selection Criteria:

•  The contents, documentation and wall delineated presentation of related topic will be evaluated by committee members chaired by Dr. Kim

•  The presentation which contribute to promote academic aspects and suggest future direction of prosthodontics in Asian region.

Hiranuma Award

The creation of Hiranuma Award was first suggested by International Liaisons Professor Hideo Aoki, just after the First Biennial Meeting ICPAC in Kaogshima, Japan (Nov, 3-4, 1994). He and other members wished eagerly the establishment of the award in order to promote the ICPAC activity among the Asian countries, by recognizing young prosthodontists and practitioners who have made outstanding contribution to the field.

Unfortunately, Professor Aoki had passed away on 27 th July 1995, seized with an award at the business meeting during the Second Biennial Meeting ICPAC in Yokusaka, Japan (Sept, 21-22, 1996). My proposal had been approved by the representatives of all Asian countries, and the First Hiranua Award was presented to one oral presentation and one

poster presentation during the Second ICPAC meeting.

The rule of the Hiranuma Award are as follows

•  Aim: Hiranuma Award shall be granted to young prosthodontists or practitioners to encourage excellence in the research work.

•  Award winner: The winner shall be the author of one oral presentation and the author of one poster presentation at the Biennial Congress of AAP. Each winner receives 50,000 Japanese yen.

•  Award criteria: the award shall be presented according to either one of the following

•  The research work that makes outstanding contribution in either academic, technological or clinical aspect of prosthodontics.

•  The presentation shows rich prospect with significance and clarity.

•  Selection

•  The Hiranuma Award committee consists of three AAP committee members who are appointed by the AAP President and Vice president. The committee will nominate two candidate for the oral presentation and other two candidates for the poster presentation.

•  One Award recipient for the oral presentatiojn and another award recipient for the poster presentation shall be selected from the candidates upon deliberation of the award committee, the AAP President and Vice president.